The NEOTECH® process uses controlled steam and pressure to expel the TCA and other volatile compounds from the cork granules. We use this process to ensure high quality in Silktop® products and sparkling wine stoppers, as well as NEO® micro-agglomerate stoppers.

TCA IS REDUCED – each cork granule is treated with steam, to make TCA and other phenols volatile.

CONTINUOUS PROCESS SYSTEM – the granules are moved from the steam area directly to the drying area, eliminating the risk of cross contamination of microorganisms.

AUTOMATIC PROCESS – continuous feed of granules from the NEOTECH® allows for high volumes of production.

All granules come from carefully selected raw materials at the raw material center, located in the heart of Alentejo.

No mechanical intervention

The granules are transported through a process of vibration.

The natural elastic memory of the granules is preserved.

Ecological and sustainable

No chemical solvents.

Use of controlled pressure and steam.

NEOTECH Advantages

Elimination of granule layering.

Greater consistency in the performance of the natural features of the cork.

Improved physical properties of the granules.

The granulate is treated with fluidized bed technology for molecular interaction with the gaseous substance

The gaseous flow goes through and involves all the cork particles, thus creating conditions for rapid mixing, turbulence and sterilisation.

Highly optimised TCA removal, for ND levels.

Consistency of the granules through treatment

Homogenous efficiency in all cork granule sizes.

The consistency and natural appearance of the granules is preserved without cellular structure destruction.

Improved transfer of mass and heat

Product consistency.

Improved effectiveness and technical performance of the final product.

Rehumidification and reatment cycles

Humidity is under constant monitoring.

Physical performance of the granules is ensured.