To produce reliable products for sealing high-quality, demanding alcoholic beverages, aimed at economic and social results pursued as a organization.

To be a reference cork stopper-making company that stands out for the products it places on the market and for its attitude of closeness and concern not only for the end consumer's food safety, but also for sustainable forest management.

Customer satisfaction.
Involvement of employees and suppliers in attaining the company's objectives and those of the food chain.
Always working in accordance with best stopper-making practices, to ensure the cork's properties as a natural product and for contact with foods.
Making cork stoppers in conformity with legal and statutory requirements, as well as those pertaining to the quality management system and food safety.
Continuously improving the organization, ensuring the communication model in the cork stopper production chain.
Contributing toward increasing the responsibly managed forest area through the FSC® plan.
The strategy and philosophy of MASilva includes ensuring quality, from the forest to the end product. MASilva works together with owners of forests under contract to monitor the health and quality of trees, testing samples prior to stripping. Our patented cork cleaning and disinfection systems reduce average TCA levels to figures below human detection capabilities, as our quality control team has a pivotal role within the organization, in order to decide which cork lots are approved or rejected. The quality department's efforts are backed by precise protocols and state-of-the-art technology.
Third-party verifications of our process and quality lead to foreseeable results and constant performance. Our organization meets or exceeds the quality levels set by leading European institutions such as APCOR, C.E.Liège and Systecode.
MASilva produces and delivers the best natural stoppers available on the world market, perfectly creating the pairing of cork stopper - wine.
Our efforts cover a combination of forest management and highly technological processes.
In the framework of forest management efforts and forest development and sustainable products, MASilva has several units certified according to the standards of the Forest Stweardship Council® (FSC®).

25.000 is the number of TCA GCMS analysis performed by MASilva in 2015.
7 number of countries where the company has production facilities.
In 2015 MASilva had a growth of 12%.