MASilva has developed an individual cork testing method to deliver guaranteed TCA free corks.
This fully automated process is based on cutting edge gas phase spectroscopy and available for high end natural cork to seal ultra-premium wines. It inspects every single cork one by one to detect any trace of cork taint, leaving no margin of human error.

The one by one testing process is the latest innovation of MASilva’s commitment to provide TCA free corks.
Over the last 40 years MASilva has established itself as an industry technology leader and its proprietary cork cleaning processes are recognized worldwide.
With the implementation of this new state-of-the-art testing technology we once again demonstrate our determination to be the leading manufacturer of the finest premium cork.
Our Process
Our process tests for TCA, down to non-detectable levels (0.5 ng/L) and eliminates bad corks from the supply chain.

Our process was developed using gas phase spectroscopy and is the most sophisticated method to screen for TCA on finished, washed wine corks.

Our process is extremely accurate in detecting TCA and eliminating those corks;
It performs on both washed and unwashed corks without any difference in detection level or reliability;
Our process is the result of 3 years of R&D with some of the best Universities in Europe.
Benefits & Key Features
Individual Test
Individual cork testing (one by one).
TCA Free
No human error, 100% TCA free.
Fully automated process based on cutting edge gas phase spectroscopy.
For your ultra premium wines.
25.000 is the number of TCA GCMS analysis performed by MASilva in 2015.
7 number of countries where the company has production facilities.
In 2015 MASilva had a growth of 12%.