• better efficiency
  • intense sterilization

All raw material is subject to intense steam and pressure, being also submerse in clean water, through our Dynavox® system, so as to cleanse unwanted substances from the innermost part of the cork. This effectively and naturally eliminates microorganisms. anisols such as TCA are reduced, along with other odor-causing compounds, such as tannins and phenols precursors of anisols, thus improving the thickness and the elasticity of cork.

INCREASES TCA-REMOVING ABILITY – boiling takes place under pressure and at 105ºC, penetrating the cork structure, dragging off the TCA and making it volatile, as well as other anisols and phenols.

TCA IS CONSTANTLY REMOVED DURING boiling – the steam containing TCA is removed by degasification during a one-hour boiling cycle.

SHORTER AND SAFER CORK STABILIZATION PERIOD – having followed the boiling process, the cork boards are removed with around 17% moisture content. This is a significant reduction in residual humidity, allowing for a shorter stabilization period, from two weeks to two days.

WATER FILTRATION AND CONTINUOUS MONITORING – water is filtered using a 100-micron filtration system. The Dynavox ® system continuously measures the water pH, to monitor the level of tannins.

25.000 is the number of TCA GCMS analysis performed by MASilva in 2015.
7 number of countries where the company has production facilities.
In 2015 MASilva had a growth of 12%.