The MASilva group was founded in 1972 by Manuel Alves da Silva, its current chief executive officer, when the company Manuel Alves da Silva was incorporated, as it was devoted to making natural cork stoppers. This is a family-run group with a strong financial dynamic and in-depth knowledge of the cork production sector.
In 1975, Manuel Alves da Silva first exported to France, by trading with local importers. In 1995, the group invested in a company laboratory, to meet the other demands of every market where it is active. In 1999, Manuel Alves da Silva invested in creating a company devoted to producing technical stoppers made of cork, hence the emergence of MASilva 2 Cortiças, Lda.
In 2000, the company underwent a new expansion phase regarding internationalization, with the setup of a local cork-finishing facility in the United States, MASilva Corks USA, LLP.
2002 / 2004
In 2002 MASilva France S.A.S. was incorporated as a strong investment in the German market, through an exclusive agent with a significant market presence.
In 2004, as markets evolved, it increasingly made sense to vertically integrate the production chain, and so a considerable investment was made in creating MASilva 3 – Cortiças, Lda.
2005 / 2007 / 2009
In 2005 and 2007, respectively, having obtained the ISO 22000 standard and purchased gas chromatography and mass spectrometer equipment for the company's own laboratory. In 2009, another step was taken toward internationalization, with the creation of MASilva Cortiças do Brasil Ltda., MASilva Corks Australasia, Pty, LLP and Importadora de Corchos MASilva Chile, Lda.
The year 2011 saw the incorporation of MASilva Garzón Espanha, SL, in order to meet the demand of local wine growers, thus enabling an more direct and effective expansion in the Spanish market, which had been dealt with through agents up to that point.

"Since 40 years from now, MASILVA is positioned in the cork industry with a straight bond between nature and industry, betting on being an industry benchmark at quality level, customer service, technological innovation and awareness with sustainable development. Set by a continuous growth supported by new physical and personal structures, MASILVA stands for its entrepreneurship and confidence in the commerce of its product, the natural cork stopper. With the leadership assured for years to come by the management succession plan, the largest challenge is to extend to new geographies and make the customer realize the value added by using a natural cork and high position MASILVA brand as a model in the cork industry."

Founder and President of MASilva Group
25.000 is the number of TCA GCMS analysis performed by MASilva in 2015.
7 number of countries where the company has production facilities.
In 2015 MASilva had a growth of 12%.