They can and should be used in all types of wines, regardless of the rotation time of the wines and the shape of the bottle. We can supply FSC® certified products (FSC - C009204) upon request.


MASilva cork stoppers are used for some of the world's best sparkling wines. Sparkling wine presents challenges in terms of stoppers, which have to be able to withstand higher pressures while maintaining consistency and the specified insertion and extraction forces.


Silktop® are mainly manufactured for entry level wines, which could benefit from short-term aging (three to four years). This is a technically advanced product, properly sealing bottles containing wine of considerable value.


Consumers can appreciate the appearance and the feel of natural cork with our Pearl® microagglomerate. Pearl® stoppers show our continuous commitment toward sustainability and the value chain of the product. The cork shavings, following the punching of natural cork stoppers, are carefully selected, processed and reduced to uniformly-sized particles through a number of mechanical operations. These particles will be subjected to a vaporization and sterilization process through our SARA® system. Only food-grade glues are used.


A colmated natural cork stopper that meets the winemaker's challenge of maintaining the attractiveness of the wine with a natural cork stopper and of being very competitive in price. We can supply FSC® certified products (FSC - C009204) upon request.