Over the last 45 years MASilva has established itself as an industry technology leader and its proprietary cork cleaning processes are recognized worldwide. With the design and implementation of this new state-of-the-art testing technology we once again demonstrate our determination to becoming the leading manufacturer of the finest premium cork. This fully automated process is based on a leading-edge technology that uses gas-phase spectroscopy, available for high-end corks intended for Premium wines. Each stopper is checked one by one to detect any traces of TCA, leaving no margin for human error.



All raw materials are subject to intense steam and pressure and submerged in clean water, through our Dynavox® system, so as to remove any unwanted substances from the innermost part of the cork. This thoroughly eliminates microorganisms in a natural way. Anisols such as TCA are reduced, along with other odor-causing compounds and tannins and phenols precursors of anisols, thus improving the thickness and the elasticity of cork.

INCREASES TCA-REMOVING ABILITY – boiling takes place under pressure at 105 ᵒC, penetrating the cork structure, dragging off and vaporizing the TCA and other anisols and phenols;

TCA IS CONSTANTLY REMOVED DURING BOILING – – the steam containing TCA is removed by degasification during a one-hour boiling cycle;

SHORTER AND SAFER CORK STABILIZATION PERIOD – having followed the boiling process, the cork planks are removed with around 17 % moisture content. This significant reduction in residual humidity allows for the stabilization period to be shortened from two weeks to two days;

WATER FILTRATION AND CONTINUOUS MONITORING – water is filtered using a 100-micron filtration system. The Dynavox ® system continuously measures the pH of water, to monitor the level of tannins.


Our Maszone® system uses not only ozone, but also the most powerful peroxone, a combination of ozone and hydrogen peroxide, to disinfect and clean cork stoppers. The solution eliminates microorganisms and its spores, while oxidizing organic impurities and compounds, such as phenols and anisols, which could signal the existence of unwanted and odors. The Maszone® system also improves the cork's visual appearance.

ELIMINATES MICROORGANISMS AND THEIR SPORES – 3000 times faster than chlorine.

INHIBITS TCA DEVELOPMENT – finished stoppers are sterilized for microorganisms.

DOES NOT LEAVE RESIDUES – ozone rapidly breaks down into inert oxygen molecules.

IMPROVES THE STOPPER'S CAPILLARITY, ALLOWING FOR EASIER BOTTLING – this cleaning and washing system reaches into the cork's pores.

IMPROVES THE CORK'S APPEARANCE – allows for better-quality printing of customer's brand name and a more uniform surface.


The SARA® process uses controlled steam and pressure to expel the TCA and other volatile compounds from the cork granules. We use this process to ensure high quality in Silktop® products and sparkling wine stoppers, as well as Pearl® micro-agglomerate stoppers.

TCA IS REDUCED – each cork granule is treated with steam, to make TCA and other phenols volatile.

CONTINUOUS PROCESS SYSTEM – the granules are moved from the steam area directly to the drying area, eliminating the risk of cross contamination of microorganisms.

AUTOMATIC PROCESS – continuous feed of granules from the SARA® allows for high volumes of production.